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Thank You for Supporting the 2014 Cookie Sale!

Girl Scouts of Northern California's 2014 Cookie Season has come to a close.

A HUGE thank you to our generous cookie customers, amazing cookie-selling girls, their supportive families, and our incredibly dedicated volunteersfor all you've done for the 2014 Cookie Season!

Watch for Girl Scouts in your community during the fall for our Fall Nut and Magazine Sale!

Call **GSCOOKIES on your Smartphone -- Find Cookies By Phone!

Cookies have never been so APPetizing or easier to find, thanks to our Free Cookie Locator Mobile App, available for free download on iPhones and Androids.

Your favorite cookies are now only a download away with the tastiest app to hit the touch screen. Thanks to the free Girl Scout Cookie Locator Mobile App, Smartphone and iPhone customers can find tasty treats by simply calling **GSCOOKIES and downloading the “FindCookies” app sent to your smartphone via text. (Data and messaging rates apply.

Or, you can click on the buttons below to get your Cookie Locator App, which will be fully loaded when booth sales start Feb. 10, 2013!

The fun Cookie Locator app allows cookie-seekers to:

  • Search for local sales or by zip code
  • Share locations with friends
  • Add sale dates to their calendars
  • Find nutritional details on each cookie
  • Sign up for email alerts when cookie booths swing by their local spot
  • Discover their Girl Scout Cookie Personality.

For help with downloading the Cookie Mobile App, including FAQs, click here.