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Parent Roles in the Cookie Program

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As a parent, you play an important role in Product Sales and the development of the 5 Skills for your Girl Scout. Here are five simple things that you can do to support your Girl Scout:

  1. Set an individual goal: One of the most important lessons you can teach a girl is how to set a challenging goal and create a plan to reach it. Just imagine how far she'll go in life if she knows that step by step, she can achieve her dreams.
  2. Set a troop goal: Each girl wants to know how she can make the group successful and realize the goals the girls may have as a team. Be part of the conversation with the troop.
  3. Hold a family meeting: Everyone in your family can play an important role during the sale. Your support will help your scout realize her goals.
  4. Sell beyond family and friends: Girl Scout families and friends make great cookie customers! But many other customers are waiting for their favorite treats as well. Participate in a booth sale or Walkabout!
  5. Track your Girl Scout's progress and celebrate milestones: An excellent tool for tracking orders is through the Cookie Club. If your leader hasn't already sent home a password - ask! Also, be sure the girls have a plan for how they will celebrate their success when the Cookie Season is completed. 

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