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Reward Card FAQs

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Request Form For Check Refund

Use this form to submit your request for a refund check when you register online for a program event using your credit or debit card. The amount of the refund may not exceed the amount that was paid for the event. Your requested amount will be deducted from the cookie rewards card number that you provide. If the cookie rewards card does not contain enough credit, your refund will be limited to the amount of credit for that rewards card. The deduction to your card will be reflected within five (5) business days. Checks take ten (10) business days to process and are issued on Fridays. Checks will be issued to the name and mailing address we are given below and sent via US Mail.

By submitting this form you are confirming that you have parental and girl consent to use the cookie rewards card for the event fees listed.

Your Contact Information
Your Name (First): *
Your Name (Last): *
Your Email: *

Cookie Rewards Information
Girl's Name (First): *
Girl's Name (Last): *
Cookie Rewards Card #: *
Amount of Refund Check: *
Check Payable to Name: *
Check Mailing Address: *

Event Registration Information
Name of Event To Be Reimbursed: *
Date of Event To Be Reimbursed: *
Fee Paid: *
Order Number from Confirmation: *