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Bronze Award Project that Made a Difference

After the 26 girls of Petaluma's Troop 10604 decided to go their separate ways in Junior High, several girls remained as independent Girl Scout Juliettes. Three of those Juliettes have really stood out recently.

A few months ago seventh graders at Petaluma Junior High, Mikaela Schmidt, Ruby Browning and Shelby Willits were all trying to think of a way to earn their Girl Scout Bronze Awards. In the past their troop sold water and baked goods to earn money for Girl Scout activities. The girls started thinking, about how the community was so generous helping them, how could they give back? So, they decided to do the same water/bake sale as they had done in the past, but donate 100% of the proceeds back to the community.

Thanks to the support of Marie McCusker and The Petaluma Downtown Association, the girls were able to make this dream a reality. For the last month the girls have planned, drummed up support from local businesses, baked goodies, asked friends and former troop-mates to help at the booth and worked a whole lot of hours on the weekend of September 27-28 to successfully raise over $975.00 to give back to the community.

The girls donated $300.00 each to the Christmas Cheer Organization, Petaluma Kitchen and to Petaluma People Services. The Carousel Fund will also receive $75.00. These girls really know what it is to be a Girl Scout. They saw a need and worked hard to fill it. They all earned their Bronze Awards, and made quite a difference in the process.

Some of the sponsors that helped the girls were: Petaluma Market, Heaven Scent Cafe, Noah's Bagels, Petaluma Grocery Outlet, Lakeville Lucky, Safeway, Preferred Sonoma Caterers, all of the folks that volunteered their time to help and of course the amazing Petaluma Community.

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