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Service Unit 727 Recognizes Volunteers

The following leaders from Redwood Service Unit 727 were given awards:

Gwen Shapiro – Girl Scout Brownie Troop Leader of Troop 70260 in Arcata was awarded Outstanding Volunteer for twice organizing our SU Veteran’s Dinner, volunteering to run a new SU event Swaps and Sing, stepping up with little notice to run our Service Unit Cookie Rally, and then accepting the post of Service Unit Treasurer three-quarters through the year.

Marcie McBride – Girl Scout Brownie Troop Leader of Troop 70265 in McKinleyville was awarded Outstanding Volunteer for taking on one half of a Brownie Troop so that we could grow two Brownie Troops to serve more girls; for helping to organize and run the new SU Swaps and Sing event, and for helping at the last minute with our Cookie Rally. She also lost her original co-leader half way through the year and managed to find another volunteer who agreed to do the training to be the co-leader.

Beth Erquart – Girl Scout Cadette Troop Leader of Troop 70051 in McKinleyville was awarded Outstanding Volunteer for organizing our annual Father/Daughter Dance for the 3rd year in a row; voluntarily decorating an SUV and a trailer for a local parade in which Girl Scouts were the honored non-profit and thereby giving Girl Scouts an extra presence in the parade; and for actively involving her troop in all SU events.

Lola Alto – Girl Scout Junior co-leader of Troop 70331 of Arcata was awarded an Outstanding Volunteer award for securing the truck and organizing her troop to decorate the truck for the annual Trucker’s Christmas Parade which chose the Girl Scouts as its honored non-profit and the recipient of the parade proceeds; and for stepping up in 2006-2007 year to be Service Unit Director when no one else was able or willing to take the position.

Barbie Graham – Girl Scout Junior co-leader of Troop 70331 in Arcata was awarded an Outstanding Volunteer award for volunteering her troop to decorate and represent Girl Scouts at the Trucker’s Parade when it was important that we have strong representation because the organization planned to give the proceeds of the parade to Girl Scouts in 2007. Troop 70331 also is active in most Service Unit events.

Linda Campbell – Girl Scout Brownie Leader of Troop 70534 in Trinidad was awarded an Outstanding Leader award. Linda took a failing Daisy Troop of 7 girls who were losing their leader and stepped up to be their leader with no previous experience. She grew the troop to 19 strong and gave a Girl Scout presence in the small town of Trinidad for the first time in many years. Her troop has actively donated time and money to help their local Rotary club and a planted a native garden for a new town museum. The feedback on her successful program has been very strong and we expect she will become more involved in Service Unit events in the coming year.

Two members of our Service Unit received Appreciation Pins from the Girl Scouts of Northern California:

  • April Joyce of Troop 70509 in Arcata
  • Cheryl Kingham of Troop 70181 in McKinleyville

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