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Petaluma Park Clean Up Recognition

Service Unit 110 would like to share with our fellow Girl Scouts a trip to Petaluma City Hall to visit the Mayor.

After we had our park clean up on June 8, the Mayor of Petaluma invited all the girls that attended to come to the city council meeting in June and to meet the Mayor in her office, to see the Council Chambers, to start the Pledge of Allegiance off and to tell the council what they did.

Four girls from SU 110 attended. Ashley and Jordan from troop 10072 and Kearstin and Morgan from troop 10618.

When the girls were asked what they did, they shared what type of things they picked up. The funniest was Ashley's three stinky socks. Among other things were a half BBQ-ed back pack, glass and twist ties in the picnic area, numerous bottle caps and pop tops and the most picked up item were cigarette butts. In total we picked up ten garbage bags.

Clean Up Leader and Service Unit Director Stephanie Jason was very proud to see the girls get involved and make a difference in the community. Mayor Pamela Torliatt thanked the girls as well and shared how proud she was of them.

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