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Adult Recognition awards are presented at area events!
Here are the dates so far, so mark your calendars!

               North Central Area:
          Redding April 21, 2014 
           Chico April 22, 2014



There are a number of recognitions that a service unit can present to their volunteers to recognize them for the service they have provided.  All of the recognitions and awards mentioned here are up to service unit discretion.  They do not require approval from the GSNorCal council   Listed below are a few that Girl Scouts of Northern California recommend:      


Click here for Service Unit Adult Recognitions Packet including the shop order form.

Click here to take the Service Unit Adult Recognitions Online Tutorial

 Please Note: All award nomination forms are currently under revision and will  be available soon.

Click here for a Volunteer of Excellence Award Nomination Form


Volunteer of Excellence Pin

Please refer to the Service Unit Recognitions Shop Order form for ordering guidelines for these awards.

Green Angel (Patch)

Father of the Year Certificate

Certificate templates can be downloaded from the GSNorCal website.
You can customize the certificates to reflect your service unit volunteers.

Click on the certificate you need.

Family of the Year Certificate

Rookie of the Year Certificate

Community Partner Certificate


The following pins are not earned, but can be given in recognition of service supporting Girl Scouts in a variety of ways.

Numeral Guards

Please refer to the Service Unit Recognitions Shop Order form for ordering guidelines for these awards.

Years of Volunteer Service Pin

Grade Level Volunteer Pin

These pins may be purchased from your local GSNorCal shop or online at

Volunteer Position Bar

Volunteer Pin


If you would like to know more about the work done by the Service Unit Adult Recognitions Coordinator, click here for a position description.

Where do you put awards and pins on the adult uniform?
Click here to see how to wear insignia and award pins.


National and Council Adult Recognitions


The Adult Recognition Booklet is a resource for you to use as a guideline when nominating hard-working adult volunteers in your area.  

The deadline for all National and GSNorCal nominations is June 30.

What award has my nominee already received?
Adult Recognitions Complete List: including National, Council and Service Unit

National Award Nomination Forms:
Please note: All award nomination forms are currently under revision and will be available soon.

Appreciation Pin
Honor Pin
President’s Award
Thanks Badge
Thanks Badge II

Girl Scouts of Northern California Award Nomination Forms:

Alliance Award
Chris Arkley Significant Impact Award
Circle of Empowerment
Dennis Chew Outstanding Fundraiser Award
Eleanor L. Thomas Exemplary Leadership Award
Heritage Award
Maud Whalen Continued Exceptional Service Award
Phyllis Jones Amistad Award
Ruth Robertson Commitment to Excellence Award
Letter of Endorsement

Where do you put awards and pins on the adult uniform?
Click here to see how to wear insignia and award pins.


Everyone likes to feel appreciated for her or his volunteer service.   Whether in the form of a simple thank you for a job well done or a formal commendation for years of faithful service in a key position, when volunteers know their time and energy are appreciated and that they are valued by Girl Scouts, they commit themselves to the organization.  They also want to know that their service is helping the greater good – that together we made a difference in girls’ lives and, through our mission, made a difference in the world. 


  • Adult volunteers in any position in Girl Scouting regardless of role and length of service
  • People and organizations outside Girl Scouting who provide invaluable support to Girl Scouting


Recognitions might be made on Girl Scout holidays, at Service Unit meetings, at troop meetings, at a special recognition event, immediately following services rendered, etc.    When the recipient is recognized, it will make the expression of gratitude memorable.    There are informal awards and formal awards for volunteers. 


Informal recognitions are day-to-day ways to say “thank you” to volunteers; they are intangible benefits and heartfelt displays of recognition.  These sincere expressions of appreciation are based on specific contributions and are given in a timely manner.  Some ways to say thank you could include:

  • A framed photograph of the Girl Scouts who participated in a particular project or event
  • A thank you statement published in a Girl Scout publication, web site or yahoo group newsletter
  • Flowers presented at a meeting
  • Birthday or holiday greeting made by the girls
  • Electronic greeting cards
  • Virtual flowers
  • A special citation read at a meeting
  • Fun awards such as a breath mint (you take my breath away), note cards (for a noteworthy achievement), or batteries (you’ve added energy to our group)
  • Click here for more ideas