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Add Girl Scout calendars to your calendar program.  Subscribe to one or all of the calendars below to stay informed about Girl Scout events, Adult Learning events, and office closures!

How to Subscribe

To subscribe you need to use a calendar program that accepts iCalendar (.ics) formatted calendars (sometimes called iCal format).  Common programs that accept iCalendar formatted calendars are Microsoft Outlook (for Windows computers), iCal (for Macintosh), and Google Calendars.

Each program will have different steps you need to follow to subscribe and update the calendars on a regular basis.  Consult your preferred program’s help documentation for information about how to configure your program.

Be sure to configure your program to receive automatic updates.  Girl Scout iCalendars are updated nightly with new events and updates to existing events.

The Calendars

GSNorCal Program Events

Girl Scouts of Northern California events for girls.

GSNorCal Adult Learning (training)

Girl Scouts of Northern California trainings for adult volunteers.

GSNorCal Council Office Holidays

Girl Scouts of Northern California council office holidays.

GSNorCal Girl Scout Holidays

Girl Scout holidays.

GSNorCal Other Events

Other uncategorized events for the Girl Scouts of Northern California.