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Looking to Join Girl Scouts?

Girl Scouts recognizes and values the variety of goals and dreams girls pursue. We believe in girls. We believe girls should know with certainty that they can be anything they want to be. Everyone can support a girl’s pursuit of her dreams. Join us today!

Why Join?        

  • Fully one-third of girls who do not want to be leaders attribute their lack of motivation to fear of being laughed at, making people mad at them, coming across as bossy, or not being liked by people.
  • When parents and guardians do encourage their daughters to lead, the impact of their encouragement helps to narrow the ambition gap between boys and girls.

Ban Bossy with Lean In and Girl Scouts of USA

Girl Scouts is parternering with to launch Ban Bossy, a public service campaign with the mission to encourage leadership in girls through banning the word "bossy." By doing so we support the development of her leadership. Pledge with us to Ban Bossy today!

Resources for Parents

Click the links below or to the right for tools to help you make your girl's Girl Scout experience the best it can be!

Waiting for a Troop? Lots of Ways to Be Involved!

Has your daughter already registered as a member of Girl Scouts but is not yet in a troop? One of the quickest ways to get her into a troop is to start your own troop - click here to learn how.

There are many different ways your girl can participate in Girl Scouting even if she is waiting to be in a troop. Read on!

Program and Event Guide

Explore a wide array of Programs and Events created by Girl Scouts of Northern California. Search our online activity finder for opportunities girls want and experiences that change lives through activities and events in our Program and Event Guide.

Summer Camp with CampRocks! 

Looking for affordable summer adventures for girls and families? Click here to learn about summer camping programs through Girl Scouts NorCal.

Cookies and Fall Product Sales

Your girl can learn valuable skills like goal setting, decision making, people skills, business ethics, and money management while earning rewards and funds to pay for programs, travel, uniforms, and more during Girl Scouts NorCal's Cookie Program and Fall Nut and Magazine Sale

Girl Scout Days

Fun for the entire family! Throughout the year, several of the sports and entertainment organizations within our council offer "Girl Scout Days." On these days, Girl Scouts and their families/friends receive discounted rates. Click here to search for Girl Scout Days.

Camp Work Parties

A fun and free way for your family to experience the fun and beauty of one of our camp properties while volunteering together to improve the camp.