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Girl Scouts of Northern California is on iTunes!.........

This iMix represents the music of the Girl Scouts of Northern California Council. Girls submitted their personal theme songs, anthems, and favorites to be added to the list. This iMix is a reminder of the ways music connects us, and a reminder of our connection as sister Girl Scouts throughout Northern California.

You can purchase the songs on this playlist on iTunes and load them onto your mp3 player as inspiration before the big game, share it with your friends online, or express your personal style in your own dance. The musical possibilities are endless!

Click on the arrows next to each song to hear a preview

Please note: clicking on the links below will open iTunes. Your web browser may prompt you to verify this action. To load the iMix, click on "Ok". If you do not have iTunes, you will be prompted to download and install it.


What is an iMix?

An iMix is a user-created playlist published in the iTunes Music Store, an online music vendor. iMixes are public and searchable by any iTunes user. Users must purchase the songs in an iMix to hear the full versions. Users may also rate any iMix using a five-star system. Users can publish their iTunes iMix to their blog, profile page or web site such as Yahoo! 360, Facebook, or MySpace.

Download the iMix on iTunes

You can view or download the iMix on iTunes by clicking on "iTunes Store" then "Music" then under "More in Music" click on "iMix." Search for "Girl Scouts of Northern California." If you do not have iTunes, you can download and use the application for free by visiting

You are the DJ; submit your song today!

Any Girl Scout can suggest her favorite song to add to the official Music Connects Us: Girl Scouts of Northern California iMix. To submit your favorite song, send an e-mail to with the song title and artist’s name. Songs must be Girl Scout appropriate in language and content.