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EcoCompany TV Features Girl Scouts Restoring Salmon Habitat!

Watch Marin County Girl Scouts taking action to help Coho salmon along Lagunitas Creek.

Green by Nature

Girl Scouts have always been green, starting with our long-standing pledge to "use resources wisely." Today, through environmental activities and partnerships, Girl Scouts explore California ecosystems and wildlife, learning to value and protect them. The Green By Nature program connects girls with nature and helps them act now to protect and advocate Northern California's precious resources.

Journeys and Badges

To enhance our vibrant environmental programming, we have created a useful guide that connects the national portfolio to our various programs. This should make it easier for  leaders to help their girls earn badges, take journeys, and become the leaders of tomorrow. Check out these guides here:

Girl Scouts Save the Bay (GSSTB)

Girl Scouts of Northern California's "bold audacious project" - girls, their families, neighbors and adult leaders working to protect and restore the bay, the creeks, the rivers and the ocean in their watershed. This initiative offers badge work, restoration and stewardship activities as well as community service to help girls work together to make the world a better place.

GSSTB has many events across the council that support its four core areas of councils' own award work: In the Mud, In the Bay, In the Flyway and In the Wind. You can download the awards and attend specific events to support it's completion.

Check out our Girl Scouts Save the Bay program resources!

Eco-Choices Program

Eco-Choices, a 5-module curriculum, is designed to enhance learning experiences about nature and the environment. Each Eco-Choice topic has three fully scripted lessons each lasting 1.5 hours. All the necessary materials are stored in handy bins.

We want to make engaging girls fun, meaningful and EASY for our volunteers. Due to gracious funding we have been able to place all curriculum and materials at five area locations for easy pick up and drop off. The bins are located at the San Jose, Alameda, Santa Rosa, Chico and Redding Offices.

Each module is available for JUST $5/girl. Can't beat that for great programming! To find out more check out our FAQ on reserving the curriculum modules. If already have your program planned feel free to fill out the Eco Choice Request form and email it to   

Bothin Organic Garden (B.O.G)

The B.O.G. is the newest addition to the GBN initiative. The B.O.G. offers girls a chance to attain practical gardening skills and learn how some of their food is produced. GBN has partnered with Benjamin Eichorn from Grow Your Lunch to develop the garden and curriculum. The curriculum targets grades K-6 but is adaptable for all grades. Topics include Habitats, Plants and Animals, and Water with each topic having 2-4 fully scripted sessions lasting 1.5 hours each. Click here for more information about reservations and details about the curriculum.


NEW! GLEE (Girls Learning Environment and Energy)

GLEE was created by Stanford University in conjunction with Girl Scouts of Northern California to help Junior Girl Scouts promote energy and environmental conservation. Two modules were developed to help girls and their families become more aware of their energy use at home and on the go. The two modules include hands on activities as well as pledges to save energy.  

Topics include :

  • Home Energy
  • Food and Transportation

Cool the Community - Climate Change

Take advantage of this great easy-to-lead 4-meeting series on climate change for girls of all ages. Take Action by taking charge of your carbon footprint. A great "side trip" on a Journey series this year that helps girls accomplish their goals, gain skills and change the world.