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Girls Go Tech

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Spend Time with a Girl

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Be a Role Model for Girls

Do you love what you do?  Let girls in on the secret!

You can visit a troop for 90 minutes. Talk about what you do, how you got there, and what you like to do in your spare time.  You can choose to lead a pre-planned activity or pick your favorite to share with the girls.

Have Another Special Skill?

You don't have to be high-tech yourself to volunteer.  All you need is an interest in science, math, and technology and the belief that it's important to create opportunities for girls to succeed in these areas.  Girl Scouts of Northern California will provide all the training you need for a rewarding volunteer experience.

Please email, with your name, contact information, and your area of expertise or how you'd like to help.


If you are interested in providing funding or supplies for a Girls Go Tech program, call the council fund development office at (510) 562-8470, or click here to donate online.