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Take Action: California Girl Scouts Conserve Water!


With 2013 being the driest California’s ever recorded, 200,000 Girl Scouts in California are in a unique position of leadership to respond to our drought state of emergency. California Girl Scouts are taking action to conserve water and share simple steps in a state-wide movement to make sure #EveryDropCounts and to show that #CAGirlScoutsConserve

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4 Simple, Tweetable Water Conservation Actions 

Here are 4 simple water conservation actions every Girl Scout can take and promote to her family, school and community. Share these on social media and spread the word!

  • Showers: Average 10-minute shower with a low-flow head uses 15 gallons of water. Lessen by 2 minutes, save 3 gallons. #CAGirlScoutsConserve
  • Brushing teeth: Turn off tap while brushing. A 3-minute brushing with the water on can suck 15 gallons down the drain. #CAGirlScoutsConserve
  • Dishwashing: Don’t let the water run! If you have a dishwasher, stack it full, or use a small tub to wash dishes. #CAGirlScoutsConserve
  • Lawns: Let your lawn go brown in winter. Dormant grass only needs to be watered every 3-4 weeks, less if we get rain! #CAGirlScoutsConserve

Spread the Word about Water Conservation!

Share the messages above, or get creative and share pictures, ideas, and results about water conservation so we can all learn from and inspire each other. Girls need to get an adult's permission before any social media sharing, or have an adult do the sharing.

Use one (or more!) of these hashtags:

  • #CAGirlScoutsConserve
  • #EveryDropCounts
  • #UseResourcesWisely
  • #GirlScouts

Send your photos, videos, and news to and we'll share it on our council's social media platforms. Or, tag Girl Scouts NorCal in your post:

Learn More: Water Conservation Resources

For girls and leaders who would like to learn more about water conservation, we have great Girl Scout program materials and lots of community and government resources: To get new ideas for water conservation, check out the following:

From Girl Scouts of the USA

From California Girl Scout Councils

From the Wider California Community