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Varsha comes from a long line of leaders. Her great-grandfather was awarded India’s Medal of Bravery after being imprisoned for standing up to oppression and corruption.

So it’s only natural that during her seven years in Girl Scouts, Varsha has sought out opportunities and become one of Girl Scouts of Northern California’s most active young leaders.

The San Jose teen works side by side governing with adults as a girl representative on our Board of Directors, builds award-winning robots with her troop, plans leadership conferences for girls, and provides guidance for other girls earning leadership awards.

“Girl Scouts gives girls the resources to become confident, competent young women who are unafraid to share their opinions, who have the strength to stand out in a crowd, and the determination to do anything.”

“Girl Scouts has afforded me opportunities I could have never dreamed of,” Varsha says. “As the Girl Advisor to the Board of Directors of Northern California, I have been able to learn constantly from being surrounded by the independent, humble, and graceful women on the board. I have learned more about business and leadership than I thought possible, and I cherish the opportunity of being able to reach out and influence Girl Scouts younger than me.”

Planning our weekend leadership conference for girls, Lead the Way, and speaking at events such as the Forever Green Awards has allowed her to become comfortable in her own skin on a large public stage. As she works to achieve Girl Scouts’ highest honor, the Gold Award, she has learned to face unexpected problems and lead a team.

“At Girl Scouts, girls take center stage; we have a dynamic sisterhood that is built on respect and support,” Varsha says. “We care about becoming women of impact. We want to be compassionate, intelligent leaders who are role models in the community.”

It is the spirit of her patriot great-grandfather who inspires Varsha to make the world a better place.

“The extraordinary feats performed by ordinary people like him when faced with a crisis inspire me to seize every opportunity that I have to better this world,” Varsha says. “I aspire to combine my love for journalism with my childhood dream of being a physician after college. And, of course, I will be involved in Girl Scouts for life.”

With your help, we can get more leaders like Varsha started on their path.