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How Your Gift Helps Our Girls 
Why I Give: Diana Bell, executive, Girl Scout board member
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You Know You've Always Wanted to Change the World. Here's Your Chance.

Think about it: every day of every girl’s life begins filled with possibilities. You hold the power to help girls accomplish their dreams. When you become a financial supporter for Girl Scouts of Northern California, you literally change the world for thousands of girls.

The girl you help might be a girl like …

  • Lynette, who at seven years old already believes so strongly in the Girl Scout mission of making the world a better place that she donates her Girl Scout cookie proceeds to preserve the rainforest.
  • Marisela, whose troop raised enough funds to spay and neuter 20 animals at a shelter.
  • Tomesha, who was able to step away from the hard streets she calls home to explore her interest in science at a 10-day Girl Scout event focusing on green technology.
  • Lindy, who was allowed to leave a detention center for a day with her Girl Scout group to help younger girls at Camp Ladybug – and is now taking child development classes in college after realizing her ability to make a difference.

Without your help, we can’t make these incredible, life-changing opportunities available to our girls. 

“The mission of Girl Scouting continues to focus on building strong confident girls,” says Sally Biggin, a longtime Girl Scout donor, leader, and board member who has been instrumental in making Girl Scouts available on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation in Humboldt County.

“Traditionally, girls have been underrepresented at all levels of government and corporations. Girl Scouts is an organization that can focus on such equity issues and create the leadership that will narrow those gaps.”

Haven’t you always dreamed of doing great things? Our girls do! Help us unleash their potential. You can make a girl’s life better. And when you do, she’ll make our world better.

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Why I Give to Girl Scouting

Diana Bell, Oakland
Executive, Girl Scout board member and donor

Diana Bell can still exuberantly belt out the Girl Scout songs she learned as a seven-year-old Brownie – but more important than just fun singing memories, the successful business executive credits Girl Scouting with many other lifelong lessons that shaped who she is today.

“I was blessed to learn at a tender age such an appreciation for nature, for basic survival skills, for teamwork, making friends, etc.,” says Diana, who now supports Girl Scouts of Northern California as a donor and a member of the board of directors.

She attributes Girl Scout programs – badgework, cookie sales, and camping – with helping her grow. In fact, earning Girl Scout badges was her first experience with setting her own goals.

“My experience as a Girl Scout was a positive part of my personal growth and development,” she says. “I let go of some of my shyness and became a bit more self confident.”

As an adult, she reconnected with Girl Scouts because she believes Girl Scouting is as important for girls today as it was for her.

“The programs that are in place today are fresh and relevant to today’s world, like Girls Go Tech -- I love it!” Diana says. “And, of course, I think that the camping programs are even more important given the number of city girls who have limited exposure to outdoor programs."

Girl Scout camping and outdoor programs remain a personal passion for Diana.

“When you are in a structured camping program, you expand yourself. You confront and conquer fears. And, more importantly, you learn some big life skills, survival skills, how to get along, leadership skills, how to be a good follower.”

Diana also actively recruited girls from the Oakland area for this year’s GSNorCal’s Camp CEO, a program where teen girls from underserved communities are connected with female business executives to plan career and college paths.

“Through my financial support, I am hoping that we can expand the GS NorCal’s outreach activities like Camp CEO and solidify all of our outdoor programs,” she says.

“These programs work. I am a witness!” 

Gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor as individual situations vary.