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Community Camp Directors Corner

Health Care Procedures
Emergency Procedures 
Staff Resources
Other Resources
Program Resources 

Thanks for all you do! 
On the page you will find key resources to help run you camp.   We will continue to update this page as resources become available.  If you have something that you would like to share with all the camps, please send along and we will upload. 



Click on the Title of the Paperwork to bring up form or information.  Please Forward all forms, unless noted on form, to:
Outdoor Program Department
1310 South Bascom Ave
San Jose CA, 95128

Pre-Camp Paperwork 

Title of Paperwork 

Due Date


Intent to Operate 2013 (word doc)


Intent to Operate 2013 (online form)


This form should be filed as a communication tool as soon as possible in the planning process and before the camp has been publicized to participants.

Volunteer Run Camp Proposed Budget


Estimated income and expenses must be submitted for approval. Budget template may be modified to fit the individual needs of the camp. Please keep a copy to record actual expenditures at the end of camp.

Compensated Staff Addendum (word doc)


Compensated Staff Addendum (online form)


This form should be completed if you have a position that is approved for compensation.

Site Agreement/ Reservation

As Needed

Record of a site being secured for camp. 

Mailing Information Request


To request member mailing addresses. Send Service Unit names or numbers and grade levels. Allow 2 weeks when requesting mailing database.

Flyer/Registration form Draft


Proposed flyer and/or online announcement and registration form/system must be submitted for approval before distribution.

Outside Vendor Contracts

As Needed

All contracts (for transportation, vehicle or equipment rental program providers, etc.) must be signed by a GSNorCal staff member.

Adult Volunteer Training Plan


A list of all training sessions being provided for adults volunteering at camp including general descriptions of who will attend and what will be covered at each session. All adults volunteering at camp must be trained. 

Older Girl Training Plan


A list of all training sessions being provided for any Older Girls involved in presenting program at camp including general descriptions of who will attend and what will be covered at each session. Any Older Girls responsible for presenting program at camp must be trained. 

Community Camp Emergency Plan


Emergency procedures specific to the camp program and site including evacuation and crisis communication plans. Add program and site specific information.

Adult Volunteer list


Volunteer Service Agreement


List of all adults volunteering at camp who will supervise or drive girls or work with money including first and last name, address, and phone number. Council will check to make sure they are Volunteer Approved. All adults must be Volunteered Approved. All Volunteers also need a Volunteer Service Agreement.

New Girl Scout Registration


Use to register girls coming to camp that are not already registered members.

Camp Crisis form

1 week before camp

To be filled out in case of a camp emergency.

Special Event & Additional Insurance Request

2 weeks before camp

Use when there will be non-member adults or boy participants, or when an activity is longer than 3 nights, or any other time additional insurance is desired.


Post Camp Paperwork

Title of Paperwork and Description

Due Date


Accident/Injury Report

Within 24 hours

Use to report any accident/injury within 24 hours of incident.

Incident Report Form

Within 24 hours

Use to report any non-injury incident that may result in legal or other repercussions for the people involved or for Girl Scouts of Northern California including adverse media.

Insurance Claims

As Needed

Use to file a claim under the Activity Accident Insurance coverage

Gift in Kind Form

When gift is given

This form is for recording goods or services donated in lieu of a cash gift to Girl Scouts of Northern California.

Milk Program Report Form

Every 10th of month

If your camp serves milk you are eligible for a reimbursement for that milk. Use this form to report and receive refund.

Cookie Credit Reimbursement Form


List of girls who submitted cookie cards with the card number taken directly from the card and the amount they owe to camp to be charged to the card.

Financial Aid Reimbursement Form

Fiancial Aid Form that Campers send to Council to Request Aid 


From the registrar each camp receives a list of campers who have been approved for Financial Aid and at what level. Keep this list and submit it after camp with a request for the funds confirming which campers actually attended camp.

Camp Roster


Database of names, addresses, and ages of all people at camp including campers, volunteers, paid staff, tag-a-longs, program aides, etc.

Health Log


A bound notebook or formal Health Log where the Camp Health Supervisor or acting first aider records all first aid and medication dispensement including time, date, health problem, care provided, recipient's full name, and initialed by care giver.

Health Histories
Day Camp (Girl)
Day Camp (Adult)
Resident Camp (Girl)
Resident Camp (Adult) 


Camps must use the Girl Scouts of Northern California Day Camp or Resident Camp health form.  Keep them and return to Girl Scouts of Northern California for storage.

Attendance Records


Unit attendance sheets

Camp Director Report


Summary of camp procedures and activities and comments on any suggested improvements. See outline for areas of summary.

Camp Attendance Report and Admin Fee
Day Camp
Resident Camp 


Calculate by multiplying the number of girls involved in camp between the ages of 5 and 17 by $.75 for day camp/$1.00 for resident camp, by the number of days of camp program.

Outstanding Girl Scouts of Northern California Invoices


Any outstanding invoices owed to GSNorCal with payment. This may be cost of mailings or property rentals.

Community Camp Finance Report


This form covers September 1 thought August 31. Submit this form with a copy of the last bank statement and the camp's final budget. Please keep a copy for your records.




Health Care Procedures 


Emergency Procedures

  • Emergency Procedure Manual - information for camps on how to handle emergencies.  Sample Emergency Procedures included. 
  • Crisis Team - The Purpose of the Camp Crisis Team is to effciently and effectively assist the Camp Director/Administrator and Council in dealing with a crisis situation in camp.  Click HERE for descriptions of all Camp Crisis team Members.  Please pre-assign members to the team.  


Staff Resources

  • Volunteer Screening - All Volunteers who work at camp need to volunteer approved.  Volunteer approved is a 2 step process. Volunteer Application and a background check OR fingerprinting. Background Check can be done online and is good for 3 years.  Fingerprinting can be done through the San Jose office or any Live Scan Agency.  Fingerprinting is good indefinitely. Both the Volunteer Application and Background Check can be done online.  More information can be found HERE 
  • Volunteer Service Agreement - to be filled out by every volunteer and kept by camp director.  Needs to be turned in to the Outdoor Program Director by the September 1.  Click HERE for the form.
  • Job Descriptions - See below for sample job descriptions for the most commonly used positions at camp:


Other Paperwork Resources

Program Resources

  • Safety Activity CheckpointsSafety-Wise will not be reprinted and will be discontinued.  Although it is still a very useful publication and can be used for preliminary safety planning, these Safety Activity Checkpoints should be consulted for every activity girls participate in. For the Safety Activity Checkpoints click HERE.